Our Mission

To present in group seminar and to
provide a personal, individualized,
tailor-made, educational counseling
service to students, in crafting a
systematic strategic plan for gaining
successful entrance to colleges of
choice, and preparing a meaningful
future career.

Our Services

Dr. Simon Chan, our lead consultant,
has 20 years of educational
consulting experiences to
successfully place students in Ivy
League Schools and American elite
colleges, top universities,
Medical/Dental, Law and Business
   Evaluate where you are now and where you want to be

   Choose the best match in higher education

   Identify a theme in communicating yourself

  Design a successful application plan

  Nurturing academic growth, professional growth and personal growth

   Maximizing and matching your skills and qualities with your potentials

   Turning opportunities into successes

   Converting challenges into strengths
College Success Consulting